New Corporate Design: The Blue Print product brand gets a fresh and modern appearance

23 December 2016

For more than 20 years the Blue Print brand has stood for outstanding parts and service quality, with expertise in technical repair solutions for Asian, American and British vehicles reflected through the brand’s Corporate Design.

But as the brand continues to evolve, from time to time so must the outer appearance. 

Therefore, after five years the time has come to give Blue Print a fresh new appearance. The visual update needed to support the brand’s aspiration towards a modern and sophisticated style. The new Corporate Design has a more mature look and feel to it, and at the same time accompanies the growing demands and developments of the brand and its expanding international market coverage.    

The main visual elements of the new Corporate Design are the high-quality product photographs set within a blue and white frame, replacing the more comic-style themed Asian and American appearance. The revised focus on products gives the Blue Print brand a more technical feel which perfectly reflects Blue Print’s passion and reputation for high quality precise-fit vehicle parts. 

Furthermore, the introduction of specific product group icons helps to demonstrate the diversity of Blue Print’s extensive product range. In visual communications a specific product group can be represented by a simple icon, making it easier to convey the message to the public.  

Along with the new design we have reintroduced the strapline “Right First Time”, which is already part of the brand’s history. It represents the core values and competences of Blue Print, clearly stating a commitment to offer a customer experience that is indeed always “Right First Time”. Through this process the Blue Print product brand continues its successful evolution, transforming itself whilst keeping its essence untouched. 

The Blue Print product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates other strong brands. Further information can be found at: